Life Principles


Life Principles represent an on-going project to identify my beliefs. 

Life Principles: 

  • Humans have agency 

    • The role of human agency is generally under-represented in popular culture.

    • It is easier to believe we have little agency because it provides a mask for fear & pride.

  • Living a good life is difficult 

    • Difficulty and discomfort should be frequent. 

    • If we are not encountering difficulty and discomfort, we are not growing into our full potential. 

  • Society normalizes insanity. 

    • Life is fragile, societies are fragile, we are not as in control as we desire to feel. The World does not function as rationally as we desire it to. 

    • Much of mainstream cultural behavior is actually insane (i.e. not a rational response to reality). However, it feels normal because it is done by the majority of people. 

  • Imagination must be cultivated 

    • Our ideas come from our imagination. Our imagination is shaped by the rituals we practice and ideas we expose ourselves to. Our lives must be intentionally structured to create the imagination we desire.

  • Habits are more important than splurges

    • Repetitive, marginal time allocation decisions are our most important ones

  • Transformation is more important than perseverance 

    • Living out of discipline is both unstainable and depressing. We need to transform our desires and live out of desire not discipline. 

  • It is more important to talk to God than about God

    • It is far easier to talk about God. Therefore we must fight the desire to control through understand rather than submit through relationship.

  • We underestimate the secondary and tertiary impact of our actions

    • We often don’t make forward progress because we do not appreciate the secondary implications of our small chooses.

  • Money is used irrationally

    • Money creates a scarcity mentality which lends itself to uncreative uses. Creative uses of money can unlock great potential.

  • Power and wealth are meaningful only when gained as a derivative

    The temptation is to seek power and wealth. They are only authentic and valuable when they are coincidentally found along the path of more important journeys.


"Nothing that is worth doing can be achieved in our lifetime; therefore, we must be saved by hope. Nothing we do, however virtuous, can be accomplished alone; therefore, we are saved by love. No virtuous act is quite as virtuous from the standpoint of our friend or foe as it is from our standpoint. Therefore, we must be saved by the final form of love, which is forgiveness." - 

Ronald Niebuhr